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20 Years since arriving in Spain… here is my account so far!

As I woke up this morning to the driving rain it occurred to me that on the surface not much had changed since the day I arrived on the Costa del ‘Sol’ 20 years to the day!!! My thoughts turned to reflection on what had actually happened in the last 2 decades since becoming resident of Spain.

Certainly, the hard hitting downpour of this morning was reminiscent of the same day back in 2000, but of course heavy rain is something I was used being British and coming from Central and South America where it can rain hard too, but this was relentless, a daily occurrence, something that everybody I spoke to just said it ‘was unprecedented’ but after 6 weeks I was beginning to wonder why on earth I had committed to living in Spain at all...!?

The weather aside, everything in my life has developed since that day, having arrived as a 28 year old who’s only real ambition was to look to further my experience in Real Estate having spent the previous 5.5 years working in Casinos in London, Peru and Venezuela.

As that chapter in my life came to an end in 1998, I was faced with a number of options but relished a chance to follow in my grandfather’s footsteps in the property industry and having just completed a good apprenticeship as an agent working in West London, I was looking to apply the trade somewhere more appealing – without the rain - you must be starting to appreciate the irony by now!?