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Jason Wild

The Marbella Connection

A life in Southern Spain is very exciting but you might find some aspects tough about the new culture especially in a language you may not be accustomed to.

The Marbella Connection is designed for people to have a trusted contact, that can advise and guide them on how and where to go about their business to improve their everyday life as an expat.

I have developed an unrivaled network of business contacts providing professional services to anyone looking to make a life in Southern Spain.

These fields include :-

  • home ownership,

  • property management and key-holder services,

  • new build property design,

  • financial & tax matters,

  • legals,

  • home interiors &

  • luxury cars


Any type of investment needing a professional service is covered.

Trusted people making things happen efficiently and cost effectively. Make sure you have the right people handling your business.

If you think you can benefit by speaking to me about life on the Costa del Sol then I’d be happy to hear from you.

#TMC making expats feel like locals!

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