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Can Modern Methods of Construction & Offsite manufacture finally go mainstream?

By understanding the hurdles faced by clients, can architects help drive the future success of offsite construction?

With tragic events like Grenfell, public confidence in the construction industry is low and with a shortage of residential tenures, there seems no better time to embrace Modern Methods of Construction #MMC.

Despite the possibilities of offsite construction being available for decades it has struggled to gain significant traction up until now. But why historically has MMC failed to yet transform the mainstream housing market?

With the immergence of ground-breaking proposals for prefabrication in the 1930s and post-World War II, remarkably little has changed despite much effort within the industry until now - So perhaps we will start to see offsite manufacturing start to drive major change across the mainstream private housing market.

But for MMC to take off this time around, architectural innovation needs to be acutely aware of the hurdles in developing this as mainstream and it must be considered the architect’s job to study the challenges faced by clients and innovate around them.