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New to the Costa del Sol – Sustainable New Build Projects…

By ‘Sustainable Energy & Housing’ with ‘Category A’ energy efficiency rating guaranteed.

With the recent announcement the ‘SEH’ building technology is now available to landowners looking to build their own home in Andalucia in Southern Spain, I wanted to take a closer look at what energy efficient sustainable home designs involved…

…Architectural design that combines energy efficiency with sustainability for high-end environmentally friendly new build construction.

‘SEH’ has developed a fast and efficient construction system. With architectural solutions where net zero energy consumption is one of the main priorities. Buildings where the efficiency in the construction processes satisfies any construction need the client may demand.

One example of the projects underway in Southern Spain

The Key features of an ‘SEH’ project:

  • A truly energy-efficient home with guaranteed A energy certificate.

  • Interactive contemporary design process with renowned architect.

  • All designs are bespoke and tailored to the clients preferred design.

  • An extremely resilient system based on a precision engineered steel structure throughout.

  • A revolutionary wall composite that guarantees thermal & acoustic insulation.

  • Underfloor aero-thermal water throughout all floors and optional renewable energy solutions.

  • Security glass with both solar gain and acoustic treatment for comfortable & safe interior living space.

  • Inclusive “key in hand” project with a 6 month construction period.

  • High-end finishings and materials throughout.

  • Attractive Payment schedule on all builds with low payments required until final handover.

The building procedure – how its done video clip

Building Specification: SEH® Constructive System are prefabricated three-dimensional, transportable and relocatable load-bearing structures of building units consisting of welded frames made of hot rolled steel profiles, steel connection-pieces and other components required for structural stability.

Wall & Ceiling Material Enclosure

The construction process is split into 2 smaller projects that are developed in parallel. Manufactured off-site and erected on site.

Projects include:

  • The Land.

  • Architect Design & Project.

  • All necessary licenses and relevant construction insurances.

  • Villa construction.

  • Thermal & acoustic insulation.

  • Aero-thermal underfloor heating system throughout.

  • Passive windows throughout.

  • High specification fitted kitchen and bathrooms with quality tiling throughout.

  • Swimming pool.

  • All utility connections.

  • Landscaping.

  • All exterior surrounding walls, electric entrance gates and garages.

  • Bespoke home design service that allows you to plan your own home.

Choose from a number of locations along the Costa del Sol.

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