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The Plot Portfolio – New Build Solutions on the Costa del Sol

The Plot Portfolio – A plot listing platform that has been set up so end user clients, land prospectors, property agents, developers, builders and architect companies can locate current availability of land deals on the Costa del Sol.

Landowners now have somewhere they can market their plots for sale to our any end user buyer or associated agent contact looking to source land.

Our registered contacts are kept up to date with the portfolio availability, from single villa plots, multiple townhouses to complete apartment complexes for sale with or without projects & licenses.

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The Plot Portfolio – Our New Build Services

Having seen an increasing demand for project design work from new and existing landowners ready to take the first steps in the building license application stage we offer new build services that bring landowners ideas to reality, through the initial design process to presenting the projects, obtaining the planning permission and getting the build and first occupation licenses in readiness to move in or sell on…

A bespoke and personal service helping clients fulfill on their intentions when they originally bought the land… on time and in budget with local professionals with a proven track record in the construction industry.

Any landowner wishing to maximise their investment or complete what they started when they originally bought now no longer has any reason to hold back as The Plot Portfolio team are on hand now to help make the most of this prime time and get started on any plans…

The Plot Portfolio – The Concept

TPP is a dedicated land specialists company that allows vendors to promote the sale of their plots in a professional manner so valuable information can be passed to potential end user buyers, registered agents and related companies within the construction industry all with clients looking to develop in Southern Spain.

Individuals and professionals can register now to become part of the network that provides the insight into the availability of The Plot Portfolio…

The main focus is for coastal land located between Mijas Costa to the Sotogrande golf and marina area and no more than 7 kms inland within the provinces of Mijas Costa, Marbella, Benahavis, Estepona, Casares, Manilva & into Cadiz with Sotogrande Marina and golf including Valderrama as these areas represent the most demand for new build development from both developers and end user buyers.

Why do existing landowners use The Plot Portfolio?

As an owner selling plots is a difficult prospect and for potential buyers the market can be very confusing and misleading.

Most owners are not promoters nor do they have the means to market their land and The Plot Portfolio offers a platform to do that through its network of potential buyers.

One reason The Plot Portfolio exists is to help both vendors and buyers find each other while offering the land deals clearly with all relevant information for a buyer to be able to make a decision.

Many landowners miss out on potential buyers as they do not have anywhere they can market what they are selling and do not like to be contacted by large number of agents nor are they comfortable about releasing the necessary paperwork to just anyone – now there is somewhere they can deal with specialists to get the right exposure.

Plus, many potential buyers are put off by a lack of information and in some cases even if they find somewhere that they are interested in they do not know who the vendor is and when they do find out they don’t speak the same language.

There are many obstacles that exist in the process of selling and buying land and using a reputable land broker as a vendor gets around all these complications and provides valuable peace of mind for any interested party.

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Why would new landowners use The Plot Portfolio?

When a potential buyer is looking to buy a plot to build their own property they often hesitant when they realise the complexities and regulatory bodies involved to move things forward.

Many buyers tend to be unsure of all the buying procedures, tax implications and build potential for land in the area so need guidance when looking to commit to buying a plot.

The Plot Portfolio has the experience and knowledge to assist in all aspects of new build projects specialising in offering plots of land that are right for the buyer in what it is they are looking to develop before committing to taking on the investment.

We also offer marketing initiatives that help provide an insight into the kind of finished article by using a concept of the kind of property that could be built – This helps buyers appreciate the plots’ potential.

From there, The Plot Portfolio offers all the required new build services taking any brief from inception right through to completion removing the uncertainty of self-build projects. This is only achieved by working with reputable professionals that have a proven track record in the construction industry and warrant merit for their previous works.

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The Plot Portfolio – What is different about it?

TPP is exactly that, a portfolio of plots, handled by a company that take all the hard work out of land transactions. We work hard to mediate between both potential buyers and vendors for a smooth and efficient outcome.

Most importantly, using The Plot Portfolio does not necessarily mean it will cost more money nor mean vendors lose out on what they are looking to sell for.

We offer a ‘no obligation valuation’ of any plot in our catchment area and under our exclusive agreement the sales price may not need be affected and the achievable sale amount could be much higher than expected.

Vendors of land also have the option of offering their land as a ‘Turn-key solution’ on the network – see ‘Our Plot & Build services’ Section.

The Plot Portfolio – How it Works?

TPP offers up to date availability on land deals through a network accessible by registered agents and clients. Land can be sourced to suit the specific needs of a client.

Information provided includes: price, location, orientation, proximity to amenities, type of views/outlook, plot size and build allowance etc…

– Making finding the right solution that much quicker and easier with a better insight into current availability.

All plot listings are pro-actively marketed to the database of contacts TPP has built since 2000 with 100’s of real estate agents operating along the Costa del Sol.

  • The network also includes a number of end user clients proactively looking to buy land either to develop through our self-build services or buy as a longer term investment.

  • Then there are the developers, builders and architect companies that use the network to source product for their own clients who want to use their services to build their dream home or project to sell.

  • In addition, we promote each plot across social media, advertising to target markets with each of our individual opportunities in the Portfolio, highlighting the sale with use of strong images and category description with the available use for the land.

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Our Plot & Build Service

Selling plots can often be considered unexciting at best, a point verified by the complication of trying to generate interest when simply having the option of sharing photographs of land… After all, when you’ve seen one plot of dirt you have seen them all, which is why it is so important to package the sale properly.

One initiative we have that works very well is to promote a plot with an actual concept for the build as well. We have teamed up with architect & building companies who provide us project concepts to help promote a sale of a plot including renders and floor plans so their plot is offered as a ‘Turn-key solution’ to help potential buyers envisage what a final product could look like.

This will come with a final guide price based on size and finishes offered as part of the design. These are meant as a guide and can of course be amended but it certainly gets clients thinking and taking about the final product which is important.

This close relationship with developers and design teams means collectively we are able to create the ideal project and finished product on budget and on time for all our clients…

We extend the self-build services to all landowners looking to either sell their plot and need the help of a specialist company or have decided to build themselves but do not feel comfortable about how to go about it.

So what next….?

Whatever your situation if you are a landowner or considering investment in land, now is the ideal time to come to a decision… Contact us to discuss what’s right for you…?


  • You are not sure how to make the investment work best for you…

  • You are considering selling with or without a project and don’t know how to get the most from your investment…

  • You want to develop and build your own property and not sure of the best practices…

  • Or you even want to build and sell the final project on and would like advice…

If you feel you can benefit from these services please contact us to discuss how we can help.

Call +34 606 572 606 or email to register on

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