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Jason Wild

The Marbella Connection


As a self-employed full time resident of the Marbella area since 2000, I have learnt much about how and where to go about business to achieve a good life on the Costa del Sol by associating myself with the right people in getting things done.


Dealing with local people, immersing into the culture and discovering how to conduct business are all second nature nowadays but when you first arrive anywhere abroad all this can seem daunting. Not knowing what to do, where to start or who to speak to for the best is one of the biggest challenges to face.​

The Marbella Connection has been set up to help - A consultancy company designed for people needing a trusted contact on investment & business operations primarily in the Costa del Sol area.


Guidance on how and where to set up home, invest time or money and develop businesses through an unrivalled network of professionals - Available to anyone looking to make a life in Southern Spain…


Helping expats feel like locals!

Make sure you have the right people handling your business. 


Feel free to contact me on any ideas you may wish to discuss in confidence…


The Marbella Connection

Jason Wild

A life in Southern Spain is very exciting but you might find some aspects tough about the new culture especially in a language you may not be accustomed to.

The Marbella Connection is designed for people to have a trusted contact, that can advise and guide them on how and where to go about their business to improve their everyday life as an expat.

I have developed an unrivalled network of business contacts providing professional services to anyone looking to make a life in Southern Spain.

These fields include :-

  • Home Ownership

  • New & Refurb Property Design

  • Building License Application

  • Project Plots & New Build Development Sites

  • Development Finance

  • Property Management

  • Home Interiors

  • Key-Holder Services

  • Financial & Tax Matters

  • Legal Services


Any type of investment needing a professional service is covered.

Trusted people making things happen efficiently and cost effectively. Make sure you have the right people handling your business.

If you think you can benefit by speaking to me about life on the Costa del Sol then I’d be happy to hear from you.

#TMC making expats feel like locals!

The Plot Portfolio

A Product of the Marbella Connection

There has been a marked increase in development in key areas on the Costa del Sol since 2013 and in turn the demand for land is very much on the increase.


This heightened interest has created the need for somewhere, where potential buyers can find owners who have land for sale, who can provide the correct information on where and what can be built, and in turn landowners are looking for somewhere they can be properly represented. 


The Plot Portfolio is designed to be a place where owners can connect with potential buyers looking to invest in private or multiple unit projects. The concept is to simplify sourcing land for the likes of real estate agents, builders, architects and developers. A place where owners can also showcase their land for sale having provided reliable information about what is included in the price. Details are then on hand, highlighting the m2 build potential, the orientation and maximum height of the build that can be accurately passed onto buyers.


All the while, the landowner only has to deal with one contact who handles their business, and therefore, only required to supply the details once. A sales price is agreed with the owner and the plot is then promoted through the Plot Portfolio’s network of registered agents and construction contacts are marketed online to potential end users.


The main products of interest are for residential projects of apartments, townhouses and individual villas or multiple unit options as well as commercial shop outlets, hotels and commercial centres in the municipalities of Mijas, Marbella, Estepona, Benahavis, Casares & Manilva including Sotogrande on the coast in the Costa del Sol.


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